In today’s fast-paced world, we often neglect proper nutrition and timely rest, which can lead to a lack of vitamins. That is why the issue of their replenishment becomes so urgent. Essential organic substances play a key role in maintaining the body’s normal functioning, growth, development, and energy supply. They are catalysts for many biochemical reactions, regulate the immune system, and support healthy skin, hair, and nails. Most vitamins cannot be synthesized by the body itself, so they must be obtained with food or with the help of dietary supplements.

Causes of vitamin deficiency in modern people:

Improper nutrition. A variety of fast food and sweets leads to a low intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are the main sources of vitamins.
Stress. A stressful rhythm of life, a constant feeling of fatigue and nervousness have a negative effect on the digestive system and impair the absorption of nutrients.
Poor ecology. Environmental pollution, and in particular water, reduces the quality of food and can lead to the loss of important nutrient compounds.

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Consequences of vitamin deficiency
Vitamins play a key role in ensuring the normal functioning of the metabolism, their lack leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes, which can affect the overall well-being. In addition, organic nutrients support the normal functioning of the immune system, so their deficiency can reduce its protective properties. Prolonged beriberi leads to anemia, digestive problems and other diseases.

Ways to solve the problem:

Diet control. You should include more fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, nuts and seeds. This will increase the body’s saturation with vitamins from food.
Reception of vitamin complexes and dietary supplements.But before taking it, you need to consult a doctor to choose a complex that meets the individual needs of the body.
Reduce stress. To maintain the normal absorption of nutrients, you need to rest more and minimize stressful situations. Regular walks in nature, meditation and sports activities help to cope with negative emotions.
Take advantage of these methods and take care of the health of your body!

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